Thursday, September 21, 2006

VCO Therapy 2

VCO Therapy 2 :

  • Provided the source of nutrition and energy quickly was absorbed.
  • Increased energy and stamina so as always fit all day.
  • Facilitated the absorption of vitamins and the protracted amino acid in fat.
  • Improved the digestion and the absorption of calcium and magnesium as well as supported the development of bones and strong teeth.
  • Prevented osteoporosis
  • improving the network of the body helped the function of body immunity
  • Really was good for the hard worker Prevent tired.
  • Prevented wrinkles.
  • Prevented skin damage from the sun rays.

  • Prevented influenza.
  • prevented dandruff.
  • Prevented the kidney illness.
  • Prevented the liver illness.
  • Slowed down face ageing.
  • Eliminated flek-flek black to the face (refined the face).
  • As the addition of energy that was easy protracted.
  • Lotion Skin/Hand and Body Lotion. Coconut oil could make our skin be seen younger and helped eliminated cells died in outside skin, skin softer (lotion body) speed up the process of recuperation and the process of restoration.
  • Natural medicine that was not poisonous to be consumed.

    The health was the wealth that was not assessed the price
    Please, Guarded well your health.

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