Thursday, September 21, 2006

VCO Therapy

VCO Therapy :

MCFA (acid laurat, acid kaprilat, acid kaprat, the oleic acid, acid miristat, acid palmitat). In VCO was used in the baby's formula for malnutrition recuperation, because he was absorbed fast by the body.

The mother's milk (mother's milk) was the miracle with his main component is acid laurat like in mcfa.
The child's child that was suckled its not only got the material material peting from milk, but also received anti bodi, milk that was rich in MCFA important for the growth of the healthy childl
The baby that his mother received MCFA in VCO grew more fast and healthier.
The baby's group with coconut oil (vco) got the Addition of the Weight faster.MCFA did not only facilitate the baby absorbed fat fat but also improved the absorption of mineral vitamins and vitamins that could be dissolved by fat.mother's milk that did not contain was enough MCFA ,the baby could suffer malnutrition and became susceptible to infectious diseases.

By being given much supplies that contained MCFA, the mother that suckled will produce milk that was rich in the nutrient that increased.
It was tropical oil, especially very much pure coconut oil.
The woman was pregnant kept further fat will be used in produced (mother milk) him.If he continued to eat food that supplied the number of MCFA ,mother milk will give the maximal benefit for his baby.

The research suggested that the mother that include the source of acid laurat, like coconut oil ,into the him food got the risk lower to be infected by the baby who was suckled by him.
VCO was distributed directly in the liver and was changed into energy so as the body got the addition of energy.

The scientific research said the list of the benefit of the diet and the medical benefit was of coconut oil known as healthy oil that was on this world.
VCO give the source of additional energy for an athlete.
To avoid fat (keep the body slim) VCO was drunk a day 3X before eating because MCFA found it easy to be absorbed quickly was burnt that afterwards as energy for metabolism.

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