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What's VCO?

vco (Virgin Coconut Oil) Made from the luxuriant coconut, was processed hygienically without the chemical and without the heating of fire.VCO was known as “Natural Fresh oil” that could cure various illnesses and could give the life expectancy for humankind.

The VCO quality was among them determined by the height of the percentage of acid laurat, smelled nice the luxuriant coconut (free to be smelly rancid).

The international market received VCO content acid laurat about 43% - 53%
Results of the ANALYSISLAB. No. Reg: 194/LPPT-UGM/U/X/2005 the result click here

It was increasingly high that the percentage of Laurat Acid increasingly strong at killing the virus, the bacteria and protozoa as well as increasingly speed up the process of recuperation.Acid laurat with the percentage higher to "IKHSAN VCO" was proven could be faster in dealing with various kinds, the virus, and protozoa of the bacterial microbe that has membrane cell.
The content of the substance in "IKHSAN VCO" was antibiotika Strong that very beneficial for our health.Food and Drug Administration named coconut oil as the safest drug in the world."IKHSAN VCO" took the form of food the extraordinary health

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